How to Store Pecans

You got your bag, actually bags, of York Pecans! Now you are wondering “What is the best way to store pecans?”

Great question!

Here are some how-to tips on pecan storage tips, pecan storage times, and pecan storage temperatures for optimal pecan storage of your York Pecans!

The first step to proper storage is proper packaging. Pecans should always be kept in a resealable, airtight container. Plastic bags are great for this. Our packaging is resealable to allow for proper storage within the bag it came in!

30-60 Day Pecan Storage Tips

If you plan to use your pecans within 30-60 days, keep them refrigerated between use in a properly sealed package. Pecans are best kept at 40 degrees or below. 

Please note, does note that shelled pecans that are properly packaged can be kept in the refrigerator for up to six months, and is still considered good storage. Although we suggest not refrigerating them past 60 days, they will not have gone bad. You can still use them. 

60+ Day Pecan Storage Tips

For storing for more than 60 days and up to two years, keep in the freezer. Your pecans should be stored in a sealed bag to avoid absorbing other odors from other foods. 

It is not recommended to store pecans at room temperature. When storing pecans at room temperature, the oil content will begin to degrade too soon. This is because pecans contain a high amount of healthy oil, that needs to be kept at cooler temperatures than room temperature to not compromise the oil quality.

If you have any questions, let us know here! 

Happy Pecan Eating!