Noreen's Kitchen Southern Style Butter Roasted Pecans

Y'all, we are SO excited about this recipe from Noreen's Kitchen!

These are the perfect mix of toasty, salty, and buttery. Do you want to know the best part? This recipe is only three ingredients. One of them being the large halves.

We've always been a fan of Noreen. One day, we sent out an email to some previous customers asking a question. Low and behold, Noreen responded back to it. If that isn't fait, what is?! We knew we had to get our Valentine's Bundle in her hands and see what she could come up with. 

She did not disappoint! 

Please follow along with all her recipes on her Youtube Channel here!

Normally this is where you would add in the recipe, but we think it might be better to just watch her make them! Check out the video below!

Roasted Pecans
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